Sat. April 30
(Le Grand Mix, Tourcoing)

Sun. May 1
(The Pit's, Kortrijk)

Thu. May 5
Awesome Tapes From Africa dj set
(Treehou5e Open Air, Ghent)

Fri. May 6
Invisible Hands / Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex / DSR Lines
(Vooruit, Ghent)

Sat. May 7
(De Ruimte, Ghent)

Tue. May 10
(De Pit's, Kortrijk)

Thu. May 12
(DOK, Ghent)

Fri. May 13
(Het Bos, Antwerp)

Sun. May 15
THRONEFEST (Taake, Inquisition, Mgla, Batushka, Inferno, Dysangellium, Wiegedood & The Commitee)
(Kubox, Kuurne)

Thu. May 26
(Den Trap, Kortrijk)

Fri. May 27
(Trix, Antwerp)

Wed. June 1
(Botanique, Brussels)

Wed. June 8
(Vooruit, Ghent)

Wed. June 22
(Het Bos, Antwerp)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yeah I know it’s been quite some time since a wrote a piece on this damn blog so - in true Your Flesh style - here’s a top 10 of things that made my day during the last couple of weeks:

1. EYEHATEGOD live in Ghent April 11. 2010

The two most recent shows that totally blew me away were both by metal acts. Sign of the times? Both BRUTAL TRUTH (last year in Aalst) and EYEHATEGOD (two weeks ago in Ghent) didn’t show any signs of weakness despite a 20+ years career. EYEHATEGOD's appearance in Ghent was a furious display of supreme misantrophic sludge. The interaction with the audience was often hilarious but fortunately the show was no half-assed job but a full blast from start to finnish. It made me think of Flipper or The Laughing Hyenas drenched in feedback laden metal. A band that sounded rotten to the core but incredibly powerful at the same time. Please stay sick guys!

2. Family citytrip to PARIS

A mix between tourist traps like the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre/Sacré Coeur (including a cartoon drawing for the kids!) and a couple of wonderful expositions (William Turner at the Grand Palais, Lucian Freud at Centre Pompidou, amazing Asian art at Musée Guimet). Paris never ceazes to fascinate the young and euh… not so young!

3. MEXICO/Frida Kahlo exhibition at Bozar

A perfect introduction to Mexican art and a great appetizer for my 2011 trip to Mexico.

4. LEE PERRY’S BIRTHDAY PARTY at Vooruit March 21. 2010

An amazing punky reggae party featuring The Congos, Max Romeo and Lee Perry, all in excellent form!

5. Watching a bunch of amazing movies at the CINEMA NOVO FILM FESTIVAL in Bruges (highlights include My Only Sunshine, Mother, Thirst, Visage, Norteado, About Elly)

Although MY ONLY SUNSHINE for example isn’t exactly a flawless film (Variety really hates it), I loved every second of this bewildering Turkish film as it provoked a feeling of immense joy despite the grim story. Opinions are like assholes anyway.

6. Completing my gamelan NONESUCH EXPLORER collection

Another great indonesian music collection that has been deleted on cd recently. Fortunately, eBay and various internet retailers once again enabled me to complete my collection.

7. My secondhand Technics turntable SL-1200MK2PK

I used to hesitate often between buying the vinyl or cd version of an album but since I bought the Royce Rolls among the record players, it’s constantly vinyl time over here!

8. Confessions of a Citizen – SÁNDOR MÁRAI

Another essential book by one of my favorite writers. Although ‘Confessions of a Citizen’ reads like Márai’s autobiography, the author always claimed that it’s a fictious novel. Another book by Sándor Márai that will enrich your mind!

9. Finding a sealed copy of THE CRAMPS’ 'A Date With Elvis' on Vengeance Records

I know it’s a controversial thing to say but 1986 ‘A Date With Elvis’ is probably my favourite CRAMPS album. It has one of the most thrilling record covers too; especially the deleted Vengeance edition with the embossed purple lettering. I finally got my hands on a mint copy at a recent record fair.

10. Completing my J.M. COETZEE novels collection

There aren’t many writers of whom I want to read every book but Coetzee is one of them. On the occasion of the South-African Nobel Prize Winner for Literature’s 70th birthday, all his books are on sale at the moment. The result is that I’m totally broke right now...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i have the same turntable. it is a motherfucker, indeed. the only thing that i really need now is a new amplifier and perhaps also a few speakers. it's not urgent, and luckily so, because it also takes a bit of money to replace the old stuff.
i was planning on visiting that mexican art exhibition, but i'm too late. damn
only read two books by coetzee. i'm afraid he's not my kind of writer. i kinda liked disgrace, but i didn't know what to do with waiting for the barbarians at the time. i hate writers that make me feel stupid, i guess :)

let's hope the upcoming grind/death-festival will also pop up on one of these lists!